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It comes days after suicide bomber Salman Abedi murdered 22 people outside an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena with an improvised explosive device.

On Thursday thousands gathered in the city centre to hold a silent vigil.

A warehouse full of homemade explosives set to be used in terrror attacks by ISIS in northern Iraq has been destroyed in an RAF operation.

In the past week, British air force pilots have also wiped out dozens of jihadists in Iraq and Syria, with sniper posts and terrorist positions targeted in strikes in Raqqa, the capital of ISIS's 'caliphate'.

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A Ministry of Defence statement said: 'A flight of RAF Tornados attacked the building with two Paveway IV guided bombs, and demolished it on Wednesday 19 July.'The following day Typhoons bombed an ISIS post in Raqqa, when extremists were firing from a building, and a boat and vehicle transport were destroyed on a Tygris island.

Other successes include the bombing of a grain silo used by ISIS fanatics as an observation and sniper post in Raqqa on Friday, while a fleet of Tornados and Typhoons destroyed an anti-aircraft machine gun and a truck carrying an anti-tank gun.

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The warehouse was struck after intelligence officers identified the bomb factory near Hawijah in the Kirkuk province of Iraq last Wednesday.