Rails development log not updating

23-Mar-2019 11:33

If it does, I switch in the string that describes SQL 2008. (Install SQL Server 2008 R2 client tools: older versions will not work).This is clearly not suitable for a production deployment, but for proof of concept it is fine. I believe Rails may create the required tables automatically.It (quite rightly) tries to access the web server, and if it cannot, the worker role is automatically recycled.While this is a very good thing, the database errors described above mean that the cloud application is perpetually recycled.You will need both a Storage Account and a hosted service: Then it is a simple matter of updating your configuration settings for deployment to the Azure platform. Now it is running in your Development Fabric, but with all storage and databases in Windows Azure.All of these settings are stored in Service Configuration.cscfg you can make a number of other settings: Run the application again. If you changed your application to use port 8080 above, then don’t forget to set it back to port 80 now: Select the Cloud Service project in the solution in Visual Studio, right-click and select publish.This means that we can convert just the database portion of the application in SQL Azure - and it is remarkably simple to do.

Mine looks like this: Converting to SQL Azure Cloud Applications are incredibly flexible: you can host your database locally, with your log files in Windows Azure or any number of other combinations.

Then, when you run the application again, you should be running from the development fabric, while connecting to SQL Azure.

Note: If you get specific network connection errors, this is because SQL Azure reserves the right to close or refuse connections to maintain Quality of Service across the service as a whole (you are just one client).

This should exhibit the same behaviour as before, but create your database in SQL Server.

Restart your web server and test by browsing to again.The Diagnostics Connection String and Storage Account entries specify that the application will use the development fabric.

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