Red dating sim

25-Jun-2019 10:16

And they'd have a favorite pokemon that you have to figure out and give to them in order to win their affection.

You chose to capture the last 3 and you unlock level 3 as an upgrade.

Of course, how the game progresses would be reworked in order to make it so that you can conveniently woo whoever you want without being limited. Anyway, the other aspect is being able to buy your own brand new house.

Basically, like Harvest Moon/Rune Factory, you'd be able to buy your own house in the game.

You can choose any city in the game to build it on.

It would have customizable interiors like the secret bases, a machine to heal your pokemon, a PC, other useful gadgets, and even a kitchen to make poffins, juice, etc.

Of all the Love Games online, Sim Games and Naughty Games are easily among the most entertaining.

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