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At present, Europe forms the western part of the Eurasian Plate.In the Mediterranean region it abuts against the African Plate to the south which, combined with the broadly SE-directed ridge-push forces of the mid-Atlantic Ridge, and the beginning of an eastward Atlantic plate compression along Iberia, give a broadly NW-SE maximum horizontal crustal compressive stress throughout much of western and central Europe.The boundary between these two regions is marked by the NW-SE-trending Trans-European Suture Zone (TESZ) (previously known as the Trans-European Fault, the Tornquist Line or the Tornquist-Teisseyre Line), which extends for approximately 2000 km from the North Sea to the Dobrogea region of the Black Sea.The TESZ is everywhere obscured and concealed beneath Mesozoic and Caenozoic sediments, but it has been reasonably well-defined as a broad zone of NW-SE-striking faults by subsurface geology, drilling results and geophysical methods, including deep seismic reflection data.

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Thus, the basement provinces of western and central Europe are defined by the latest orogenic event affecting that portion of crust, causing widespread metamorphic reworking and, in many cases, the intrusion of calc-alkaline igneous rocks.

In the extreme northwest of Scotland, there is a fragment of the late Proterozoic continent of Laurentia, initially part of a North American-Greenland landmass.