Republicans intimedating voters

06-Jun-2019 22:29

A war-mongering, racist, sexist, hate-filled, old, idiotic, rude, and bigoted man.

Atleast we are safe in this part of the world from Fundamental Islamic Terrorists who are killing innocent people in Asia, intimedating people in UK and other parts of Europe.

Stick to your goals, keep pushing, keep pushing." The highlight of the pep rally came when Spinks suddenly leapt from his chair, crossed the Beaumont stage and disappeared for a few seconds.

He returned with a pair of blue and gold pom pons and began swaying back-and-forth as Michellee Moss sang Mariah Carey's "A Hero Lies in You." Spinks then treated the auditorium to some of the shimmying and shaking that befuddle the best of boxers in the ring. "This could be you," said Kevin Cunningham, who also attended Beaumont, while pointing at Spinks. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't be what you want.

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This is the biggest threat america is being faced with.

As students cheered wildly, the marching band blasted out tunes and the cheerleading and pom pon squads performed energetic routines, Spinks enjoyed the show with a huge smile on his face.

When he took the podium to a standing ovation, Spinks said proudly, "It's a Lou thang, baby!

Obama's has a questionable character and not to mention of his associations with radicals.

Corsi did a wonderful job putting together this piece of work to expose this stealth candidate with far left voting record and no accomplishments..

Spinks scoffed at Judah's quote "I will destroy (Spinks)." "C'mon, man, c'mon, now. I talk with my hands," the world welterweight champion said. He can wait for his butt whuppin', but I'm ready to give it to him now." Spinks said he feels no pressure because of the historic crowd and fighting on his home turf. It's fun time now," he said with sweat pouring from his forehead. Louis region responded to him because he remained loyal to the city of his birth. Champ visits Beaumont Earlier on Wednesday, Spinks returned to Beaumont High School as the conquering hero.