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11-Mar-2019 10:04

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Delete the extra folder (usually only the local root folder has the folder) and try updating again.Tortoise should update your local copy and then you can commit your changes without a problem.IF you still get an error, open your local folder in explorer, enable viewing of system files and hidden files, and look to see if there is more than 1 hidden folder inside your local directory.In my case, I had accidentally copied another folder into my local directory. There should only be 1 folder in your root directory.I edit, save, and commit it from time to time (exactly the same as the others in the subdirectory). Another answer suggested which I tried, with the result of another error message and the file remained "conflicted", whatever that means. Just for reference, this is the version of SVN that I'm using @Kevin Crowell, Thanks for the clue. As best I can tell, I am not in either of the two categories of events that they are describing. If the data in your local folder does not match the data in the server, then you get a whole lot of errors that make very little sense.

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Bitte benachrichtigen Sie den Absender umgehend, falls Sie nicht der beabsichtigte Empfänger sein sollten. I have added several subdirectories to my tree with no problem.