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The British Blue Book, which was published a few weeks after the hostilities, reported an entirely different story.It told of the many meetings of Sir Nevile Henderson, the British Ambassador to Berlin, with German foreign minister Joachim Von Ribbentrop.Preceding each division is a short chronology of the important military developments from which have been excluded political interpretation and brash prognostication.It is felt that the written chronology will supply a pattern in which the subsequent pictures may be mentally filed and catalogued.Held during the days immediately preceding the invasion, these interviews had established that war was inevitable unless Poland agreed to certain territorial concessions.Hitler and Van Ribbentrop expressed themselves as resentful of England's "interference" in the form of the Anglo-Polish alliance and her attempt to "bargain" over Germany's vital interests.

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Briefly outlined they were: The free city of Danzig was to be given to the Reich; Gdynia to remain Polish; the fate of the Polish corridor to be decided within twelve months by a plebiscite under international supervision; only those resident in the region before January 1, 1915, were to be permitted to vote (this would automatically insure a plurality in favor of Germany); until the plebiscite both Germany and Poland were to have free access to certain roads in the Corridor; if the Corridor voted for Poland, Germany was to have a corridor across it to East Prussia; if the region fell to Germany, there was to be an exchange of populations; complaints of the minorities were to be submitted to an international commission.Great Britain and France, true to the terms of their alliance with Poland, declared war on Germany, and the holocaust of the world was under way.The story of the military operations in Poland is one of brave, futile resistance against a highly-geared war machine trained in new methods.THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR in its two volumes has attempted to present a selection of the best of this photography.

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Unlike most picture books of the war, the material has been arranged in chronological order so that the reader is provided with a running story with all events in their true sequence.

When the Polish ambassador attempted that day to relay the plan to Warsaw he found that communications had been cut.