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Thomas de Hartmann (who had made his debut years ago, before Czar Nicholas II of Russia) worked on the music for the ballet, and Olga Ivanovna Hinzenberg (who years later wed the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright) practiced the ballet dances.In 1919, Gurdjieff established his first Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man.The only account of his wanderings appears in his book Meetings with Remarkable Men. Bennett researched his sources extensively and suggested that these characters were symbolic of the three types of people to whom Gurdjieff referred: No. On his reappearance, as far as the historical record is concerned, the ragged wanderer had transformed into a well-heeled businessman.Most commentators Each chapter is named after an individual "remarkable man"; many are putatively members of a society of "seekers of truth". His only autobiographical writing concerning this period is Herald of Coming Good, a work, if anything, even less reliable than Meetings.The two men were to have a very ambivalent relationship for decades to come.Four months later, Gurdjieff's eldest sister and her family reached him in Essentuki as refugees, informing him that Turks had shot his father in Alexandropol on 15 May.His head was shaven, immense black moustache, eyes which at one moment seemed very pale and at another almost black.

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The Fourth Way "system" taught during this period was complex and metaphysical, partly expressed in scientific terminology.Growing up in a multi-ethnic society, Gurdjieff became fluent in Armenian, Pontic Greek, Russian and Turkish, speaking the last in a mixture of elegant Osmanlı and some dialect.