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Another approach to resolve this error is to uninstall previous versions of the software (including any evaluation versions that may have been installed), rebooting the machine and performing new installation after the reboot.If, in SAP2000 or CSi Bridge V17, this error generates the following error message, you can try the suggested resolution listed below (please note that issue should be fully resolved for SAP2000 and CSi Bridge V18 and higher): Error message: Error Message: File Write Error # 4.I'm a big fan of having SQL do this stuff for you, as CF developers its very easy to forget that SQL is an entire language all of its own and is MASSIVLY powerfull for this data manipulation stuff, it took me quite a while to earn full respect for SQL as its own language when I first started developing, but once I did you start thinking about things in a very different way. I still have yet to fully understand the whole CONVERT() function and I would love to learn more about Cursors and that sort of stuff.

Installation errors are listed as follows: This error is typically caused by registry entries becoming corrupted during the installation and can be resolved by running a Fix It tool from Microsoft.Nothing revolutionary here, I just recently tried to use a SQL CASE statement as part of an SQL UPDATE statement.I had never tried this before and I am quite happy that it works.Now I'm curios about the answer on the real question... @Alqin, I don't quite follow your auto-increment stuff, but I think I understand your primary question. ......when @Table Name T = 'tbl1' then update tbl1a set [First Name] = @First Name, [Sur Name] = @Sur Name, [Address] = @Address, [Email] = @Email, [Tel No] = @Tel No, [Mobile] = @Mobile where POLICY_NO = @Policy No when @Table Name T = 'tbl2' update tbl2b ...................

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When I moved from SQL Server to My SQL, this is the first big thing that stumped me. This error message occurs when zero weight and mass are assigned to the material definition.