Save jailbroken apps before updating

26-Mar-2019 20:33

Make sure to select no, or it will most likely save a backup of the hidden spy software as well.

Below are links to step-by-step, easy to use, visual guides for all popular mobile operating systems: This method is not as effective at removing spy software as completely re-installing, but it can still be a good way to stop the app from being able to monitor or track you any longer.

It can also work if you roll-back to an older OS version as a temporary fix.

You might find dated guides suggesting that updating your OS will wipe clean all apps, and although this was once the case for Android, newer versions now backup your apps to Google Drive, and it becomes important to ensure you do not backup your apps with this method.

But, if you have been a victim of espionage, and someone installed this software without you knowing, unless you had jailbroken your cell phone yourself, that person had to do it.

These basic starting points are directed for people who have been unfortunate victims of espionage or spying being done on their electronic mobile devices without them knowing. Especially if you share the same password for every account you have.

For all i Phones, i Pads and i Pods, the only apps available are those on the Apple store, unless you jailbreak it, which allows you to install software from any third party company.