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I just thought it would have been nice if you told me about it, that's all. None at all, but I went ahead and put my bug on the telephone, I used it to get peoples remarks when taking welding jobs. It has to be done soon, very quietly, and definitely no suspicions raised. "Well, I'm trying to find out if my wife has been cheating on me. She is going to her class reunion and doesn't want me to go. "Well George, It's going to cost you some big bucks due to travel.Something just didn't feel right I didn't know what it was. I always told them they were being taped but it would save a lot of problems if we had disagreements about a job, always good to have it on tape. "Let me know if you're going so I can change my reservation." "I'll let you know for sure by the end of next week. She has gone every five years for the last thirty years. But I can find out everything there is to know by Friday. Going back on the dates and see if anything pops up. Not one time, not even for six months, but for twenty-eight years. Let me regress and go back thirty-two years and give you some background.

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When I got in the house she was still talking to Dixie.

This guy Paul who was supposedly the love of her life dumped her after she started school in Ohio.

Dorothy is from Michigan, and moved down here to Ohio to go to college. We met at a party, Dorothy had gotten a Dear Jane letter, (don't know what they call a Dear John letter from a guy) She was really down in the dumps.

If I didn't get it at home, I wasn't going to do without.

Looking back on our marriage, it wasn't built on much love between the two of us after the first couple of years. was born our marriage was more of a respect, go along, don't make waves kind of marriage.

That would sure mess up everything, after all the planning she made. The single and divorced people bring friends, but they are only allow one friend. So I don't think you would know anyone." Didn't your old boyfriend Paul attend that school the same time as you? I gave him all the information I had that might help him with his investigation and then went back to work. I've been living a decent life, no real problems to speak of.

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