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At Alameda Hospital, a nurse instructed her to pee in a cup—the urine sample indicated that Maina was five months pregnant. "I was 26, addicted to heroin, addicted to crack cocaine, a prostitute.

The biggest shock actually came later, after she'd been wheeled into the ultrasound room on a stretcher and rolled into position in front of a black and white screen. A lost cause." Maina says her record now includes nine arrests for prostitution in three states, plus Washington D. She hardly ever mentions her time behind bars, like her incarceration at a California facility known as "the farm," where she had to wad up toilet paper into makeshift pillows to make the bench she slept on more comfortable."My record is a barrier," she says of her attempt to get her life back.

Five-foot-10 with curly hair and a warm smile, she steps into the auditorium at the Community College of Rhode Island, the largest community college in New England. One summer afternoon when she was 12, in 1992, Maina played hide and seek in a Providence park with three boys around her age.

She wipes her eyes and clings to the hand of her 9-year-old daughter. A pulsing sea of black caps and gowns surrounds her. Looking for the best possible hiding place, she crouched near a grove of peach trees, whose sweet fruit she sometimes sold door-to-door for 10 cents each.

They seemed friendly and the game seemed innocent enough—though games had gotten Maina into trouble before.

When she lost, the couple—Damon* and Madison*—persuaded her to play again.

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She tried to work, but she kept throwing up, so the other women in the stable wrapped her in a blanket and called an ambulance. She's withdrawing."As Maina stared at her unborn baby's tiny body convulsing with heroin cravings, she had one of those elusive moments that only happens in times like these: She saw herself from the outside.

Damon acted as a pimp, pocketing the women's profits in exchange for protection. I'm way out here in Rochester, and I don't know what to do."It would be a long time before Maina came back. In each city she found a unique culture surrounding underground sex work.

Madison's job was to oversee the women and provide encouragement."I need to come back to Rhode Island," she told her mother one night months later, her voice raw and panicked over the phone. Still stinging from her mother's rejection, she made an impulsive decision to hit the road. From there, she travelled to Worcester, Massachusetts; Atlantic City, New Jersey; Washington, D. The girls on the East Coast wore revealing clothing and strutted the streets.

One of those nights, Loni got angry at Maina because she had used all her earnings to buy crack cocaine.

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He immediately brought her to a Walgreens, where he sold her on the spot to a drug dealer waiting outside. Back at his house, the drug dealer forced Maina to have sex with him in front of his girlfriend.Afterward, when she tried to leave, he pulled out a gun and said, "You're not going anywhere." Maina waited until he was intoxicated, opened the door, and ran, without shoes on, as far as she possibly could. Despite his violence, he had a special way of making her feel wanted, of telling her she was big and beautiful, of convincing her—sometimes—that she could be more than a cash transaction.

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