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27-Jun-2019 05:02

You don't care about the damage you did to us and how your hate filled heart still feels the need to keep hurting us. My ex divorced me while I was going through a life altering illness.

I believe that part of why this is not talked about as much as fathers' experiences of parental alienation is that mothers who do lose their kids this way are overcome with shame and humiliation and tend to not want to go public with their story.In the meantime, I encourage all parents (mothers and fathers) to become educated about parental alienation, to help create awareness in their community, and to work towards improving prevention, intervention, and treatment of this terrible form of child abuse. She would always say that my Dad "Was trying to turn me against her." There was only one problem with her logic: My Dad would never talk about my mom with me (except to get something done). My Mom, however, would always complain about my Dad.