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When the trial began, the prosecutor was literally crying during her opening statement while pointing at my client and calling him a rapist. Instead, we let them blab on and on to the point where the jury stopped listening.The two alleged rape victims took 3-4 hours EACH to tell their stories. 90 minutes into their testimony, the jury stopped paying attention and some jurors were falling asleep.Otherwise, their rights will be trampled and they may end up in jail. Our client and 6 other soldiers were accused of gang raping an enlisted soldier at the Baymont Inn Hotel outside of Fort Gordon, GA.The case became known as the “Baymont 8 Gang Rape” and it pulled in lawyers from across the United States.The prettiest chicks spread legs wide and flash their sweet pussies so strangers can see them and even make close up voyeur shots in case of having powerful photo cameras :) The best of nudism and naturism with the hottest tanned girls of the world 2.Swinger chick dogging outdoors with truck drivers at their station…

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Later, the prosecution claimed that he sexually assaulted two additional people, for a total of four alleged victims. Our theory: The two primary victims were scorned ex-lovers out for revenge. We had a local stripper in the audience, a bunch of British witnesses that hated each other, and the British victim kept accusing the defense of intimidation, because we were laughing with our client outside of court at the smoke pit , which was completely authorized.In addition, the results of the case often depend on the facts, whether the client follows our advice and the stage of the proceeding at which our services are retained.Please call us with any questions or for clarification.THESE RECENT CASES SHOW THAT IN THE MILITARY, THE DEFENDANT IS GUILTY UNLESS & UNTIL THE SERVICE MEMBER CAN PROVE HIS OR HER INNOCENCE, ESPECIALLY IN A SEXUAL ASSAULT CASE.

The accused needs the highest powered defense possible, even if they are innocent.Our client faced charges of rape, false official statement, and others.