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Julia plays newly-widowed art curator Georgina Clios and the actress - who is expecting her first child and just announced her shotgun wedding to fiancé Preston J.

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The tranquility of Terrace La Passagere on the veranda of Hotel Belle Rives in Juan La Pines serves as quite the contrast to the tension we find between Georgina meets Irina in Episode 1.

The participants sometimes make reference to unspecified authority figures who torture them greatly if they fail.

It's been called the most glamorous TV series since Dynasty - the ultimate dramatisation of W.

Especially if the Riviera viewers are anything to go by.

Searches of UK to Nice flights increased by 614% in the first two weeks that TV series Riviera aired on Sky Atlantic.But all this time – unbeknownst to Georgina, she has been rotating fake artworks to facilitate illegal money laundering for husband Constantine.