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The difference is that one can use the configuration of the old kernel to create a configuration for the new kernel.

If kernel 4.4 is activ (have a look to "uname -r") then mintupdate updates the kernel 4.4.

But when you select a 4.4 kernel at boot, you will become a deja-vue, nearly the same picture except "uname -r".

I had "only" purge all the others kernels and a few days later, i have update (kernel 4.8.42 was released a week ago).

The website sued, arguing Dart was infringing on its right to free speech — and won.

Supreme Court in December refused to take up the issue.

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“Backpage is how I started out,” said Abigail, who asked that she be identified only by one of her pseudonyms.That’s what landed Michael Chamah behind bars for pimping a 16-year-old runaway on South Beach in 2013.Subpoenas revealed that someone posted the ads for the girl using a pre-paid Visa card.#bug i will changing kernel which i use, mint should give update for kernel chosen by me.

Automatically removing not used kernels when i install newer?

Now, with the “adult” category gone, she posts ads on the “women seeking men” dating section.