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It provides a woman-to-woman character reference on men, articles, advice and the internets most popular abused womens message board. Alexander gives street-smart advice that women call life saving.She has been called America's most straight shooting dating and relationship expert." Plus, free access of a list of guys not to date in your area.BONUS #2: You will also get a a FREE newsletter on relationships and internet dating packed full of tips to help you improve your chances of meeting a great guy.She has traveled to over 40 countries inspiring women worldwide. Alexander holds Bachelor degrees in Communications and German. I hope this book will have a tremendous positive effect on you and on future generations of women.She enjoys scuba diving, snow skiing, tennis, yoga and spending time with her three dogs and her own Mr. Getting involved with the wrong man not only wastes your time, it can destroy your life. I dedicate this book to you and the future man of your dreams.Woman is ranked in the top 5 percent of the worlds most popular womens websites.She is author of the book entitled Sex, Lies and the Internet, as well as the author of numerous articles on relationships, abuse and cheating men.

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This controversial website lets women warn other women about abusive and cheating men before its too late.

Wrong, its time to reveal the secrets of how to find Mr. and that the Internet is full of Sex, Lies and Infidelity.

Thats why I wrote a guidebook on Internet dating specifically for women called However, if you know the secrets of how to protect yourself from dangerous men the Internet can be your key to finding Mr. But if you dont, it may lead to pain, disappointment, even abuse or worse.

Stephany Alexander is the CEO/founder of Woman, one of the most popular women's sites on the net (top 10%) receiving millions of hits per month.

Woman is a revolutionary woman-to-woman networking system with thousands of men's names and descriptions entered globally to promote safer dating worldwide.

All my love, BONUS #1: Sign up for a FREE relationship quiz.