Sexy cam for i pad

27-Aug-2019 23:48

The app was originally optional, but with the introduction of i OS 9 Apple made it a default app that can't be deleted.

But why will activating Find my Friends help protect your device against hackers?

Even though allowing access means you can use every feature of the app, the app also be able to access your private information.

Don't get us wrong - this is against Apple's privacy policy and any apps found collecting personally identifiable information will be removed, and as far as we know this hasn't happened so far, but it is a possibility.

Yes, Siri will often ask for some kind of verification before allowing access to contacts, photos and other types of sensitive information.

However, there have been multiple occasions where people have found workarounds completely bypassing the i Phone passcode and providing easy access to the device.

Read next: How to protect your i Phone privacy With Apple and the FBI recently going head to head in a battle to hack/unlock an i Phone 5c, people are becoming more and more concerned about the safety of their private data.

Either way, if you feel like you've installed a less-than-reputable app on your i Phone, you can either delete it or head to Settings Apple’s personal assistant, Siri, is a great feature of i OS and provides users with a way of using their smartphone hands-free.