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Not to be a downer, but just to be matter of fact, it was still a pre-AIDS world and the drinking age was still 18.

We like to think of the Mudd Club as an incubator for talent, which is certainly true, but at the same time it was a wild time and people behaved recklessly.

Later on Tuesday, Rihanna posted an Instagram photo of her and Brown on the side of a road in L. with the caption, "Thug Life #merry Christmas." In the shot, the "Diamonds" singer sits smoking on the hood of the car while her maybe-boyfriend stands shirtless beside her.

Rihanna and Chris Brown's on-again, off-again relationship has been particularly confusing over the past month.

They eventually met up inside and got cozy during the game.

The pair left the arena holding hands, according to Just Jared.

While Studio 54 reigned as the glitziest disco in the world, the Mudd Club opened in 1978 (and ran till 1983) as a sort of anti-54.

On a side street in then-desolate Tribeca, the bare-bones club--founded by Steve Mass, Diego Cortez, and Anya Phillips—was a haven for skinny-tied, attitude-y punks, avant-garde filmmakers, and celebrity drop-ins who came to schmooze, dance, snort, enjoy bracing music and be sexy. In March '79, I was hired by a phone call from Steve Mass telling me someone had suggested me to him after he was lamenting that people were not able to get in. I got someone to fill in for me at my bartending job in Soho.

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This is not an isolated incident because the scuttlebutt was he'd go to CBGB's and not be cool there either.

Then he wanted to know name because he was going to report me.

She was a semi regular because Blondie was touring a lot, but when she came, she was a doll.

We had our hometown people, like Allan Tannenbaum and a few people who were regulars with cameras. Taking pictures wasn't invasive, and if it became invasive, it would be over. If there was, it was a fun attitude rather than an aggressive or passive aggressive attitude. I'd escort people, whether a Robert Rauschenberg or Bill Murray, Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop. Her mature voice has a beautiful rasp to it, but this was beyond beauty and raspy. The Joan Crawford Mother's Day party and the Rock and Roll Funeral party were great.

I didn't even have call waiting on my phone at that time. Or even solo coming out of a cab, you posed no attitude. Someone would say, "Come inside and dance." If someone came I hadn't seen in years and I'd gone to high school or college with them, I'd escort them in.

The celebrities were accessible and there weren't always photographers hounding them at these clubs back then. The craziest night to work the door was Marianne Faithfull's concert in the winter of '80, for the launch of her Street who was going out on a Sunday was out that night.

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