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Not only did Williams fail to offer any of those examples as a substantive reason for her argument, she fails to acknowledge the evolution of the phrase and how it can also be seen as a celebration of black beauty and interracial love. In her article, Williams fails to acknowledge that the post was specifically published in the Black Voices section of the site.This is obvious in her literal interpretation of the phrase that not only has a white person who falls in love with a black person "gone black" but they are in fact "never going back." Let's be frank, plenty of white people go back to dating white people after dating a black person. However, she makes it a point to identify Jessica Dickerson, the writer of the article -- who in fact happens to be a product of an interracial marriage herself." in which she offers a scathing review of the post and chastises the editorial team's lack of tact. However, it's painfully obvious that not only is Williams unfamiliar with the "once you go black, you never go back" phrase itself, she's ignorant to the colloquial nature of the statement within black culture as a whole.She failed to do a little bit of research and understand that while the phrase may have origins in the blaxploitation era, it has evolved into an empowering statement that represents a prideful celebration of how wonderful African Americans really are.But opinions are served best when they are informed, and it is quite clear that Mary Beth Williams was not.By Matt Abbott Op/Ed Catholic Online The Book of Revelation is perhaps the most mysterious book in Sacred Scripture.Not only is Dickerson not clueless about race and the world, she is actually a perfect example of exactly "how beautiful love can be, no matter what the color of your skin is." But despite all of these facts, Williams felt emboldened enough to authoritatively dictate and police the conversations in a community she apparently knows very little about.

It is a phrase that celebrates blackness in the same way the phrases "black don't crack" or "black girls rock" do.It could be seen as a fetishizing or over-sexualizing of African-American bodies, a challenge the community has grappled with since slavery.One could assume that we're reducing these loving relationships and these individuals to the single quality of their race.The 333-page book, titled The Apocalypse-Letter by Letter: A Literary Analysis of the Book of Revelation, is a compilation of notes and letters written by the late Steven Paul, a Catholic scholar who died of cancer in 2000.

It has been put together by Paul's brother-in-law, Steve Bowler, of Hudson, Mass." chat, I initially wrote off Williams as a rabble-rouser who completely missed the point of the article and didn't deserve any further attention. But as the conversation continued, I realized she missed the mark entirely.

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