Sinfest not updating

07-Aug-2019 17:02

Since webcomics are prone to long hiatuses, please use common sense when adding an example: if the webcomic has not actually been running for at least 10 years, then please don't add it no matter what the start date is.Webcomics are sorted within folders, first by start year, then alphabetically.

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Even if reading a single installment takes seconds, a person coming across a new strip finds dozens, hundreds or even thousands of times as much new content. The depth of the resulting addiction can be estimated from the disruption of daily life caused and from the degree of withdrawal symptoms once the reader finishes and has to follow the update schedule from then on.

written and drawn by American comic strip artist Tatsuya Ishida.

The first strip as a webcomic appeared on January 17, 2000, although the very first strip appeared in print on October 16, 1991 in the UCLA newspaper, Daily Bruin, while Ishida attended UCLA.

Historically, the strip has been updated more or less every day, but the period leading up to the split from Keenspot saw significantly fewer comics, with two unexplained dry spells lasting at least a month.

Since the new site was introduced on July 10, 2006, there has been a new strip every day.

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