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22-Apr-2019 15:33

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I still have doubts and victories, frustrations and blessings. I am still a whole human, even though I am currently single. Besides, I am twenty-seven now, and I'm too old for illusions about marriage.

I've seen some of my friends' marriages end.

I have to do the so-much-work of listening to Spirit. That Spirit invites me into my life, this wild mysterious wonder, where things grow out of other things breaking down into dirt.

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That's why we have the whole Church to rise up together and proclaim that God is King and we live out this shocking new Kingdom.

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So, when I read stories of men and women who are living in a state of pining, I have a hard time relating.We think, "Hey, if Joan can have a job, raise three kids and go back to school, I can try out for the roller derby team, start a couture cupcake company, run a marathon..." They show us where to find our driving force, that power that pushes us to keep going even when things are difficult.

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