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While the new genre has a growing number of handsome-looking candidates, one brand stands head and shoulders above them all because it has a long track record and a loyal group of owners that any company would love to claim.This is Sea Rey from Central Florida-based Progressive Aerodyne.After completion, they enjoy flying and socializing together in a way other brands can only hope to foster.Ask a Sea Rey pilot yourself, and you’ll quickly get the message: These owners clearly enjoy their watercraft.The Sea Rey series is arguably the most loved of all light seaplanes in America with a tightly linked community of owners.Those who have built their own Sea Rey kits are unusually willing to help one another.Not only is this true in America, but Progressive Aerodyne has sold airplanes to other countries that embrace the ASTM industry consensus standards.One such nation is China, where Sea Rey may be the most successful LSA by sales.

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Another time-tested LSA seaplane is Super Petrel LS, manufactured by Scoda Aeronautica in Brazil. ” The answer is that two wings offer an abundance of square area without creating a wide span, making it easier to beach.

The Super Petrel’s 100 horsepower Rotax 912ULS and the new fuel-injected 912i S Sport offer low fuel burn and reduced noise, so operating on a lake surrounded by homeowners should generate fewer complaints.

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Even today there was a story about science, supposedly one of the main interviewees was/is a presumed scientist who wrote a book about science and with a straight face/voice - total deadpan talked about how citizens have been scientific observers back to "the time of the fall". And they will fail because reality will continue to show its bright shining head to contradict the myth. I hope he finds support in his life for his interest in teamwork and athleticism. At first I thought he was just going a bit too far in not affirming anything the kid said about getting along with others, but then he actually snickered at an 8 year old boy's interest in a sport he'd never tried and said the kid was just making that up.… continue reading »

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