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23-May-2019 04:40

Likewise, the Trevor Project saw a spike in calls and a 35 percent increase in online chat and texts from distressed kids, according to NBC News.

The Cut first spoke with Sam back in November, when the youth suicide-prevention hotline received an extraordinarily large volume of calls and online chats immediately following the election.

Suicide prevention chats are real-time interactions between a person in crisis and a trained responder.

These suicide prevention chats are available through several organizations, some 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sam can’t disclose any specifics about those chats, but he did tell me that he’s heard from teens who are confused about the feelings they’ve been experiencing.

“There’s such a frequency of gender issues now.” Last week, the Trump administration revoked guidelines that offered Title IX protection to transgender students, which would allow them to use the bathroom and locker rooms that fit their gender identity.

“But with them coming to us, you can tell there’s an issue there,” he added.

Most of the chats Sam receives come from people under the age of 18 who are struggling with their gender identity.

He also thinks that many of the transgender kids reaching out to the Trevor Project feel alone, and more than anything, are really just looking for someone to talk to.

“It just feels so good for them to be able to get some of these things off their chest, because they have nobody else,” he said. It really does just break your heart to see.” Sam explained that many volunteers at the hotline have heard from transgender teens who’ve expressed concern about the current political climate — from distress over the recent rollback of President Obama’s guidelines to protect trans students, to general fears about what’s to come.

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