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Now there's no need To demand Grab my golden hand I'll teach you And you'll never be sure If the way that you need Is too much like greed Decide if you are rich or you're pooror how about this verse Bet you make the fool run Bet you know how To make it last 4 ever From Email: I don't think it ever got a lot of play except on the alternative and college radio, but what about The Cure's "Close to me" off of "Head on the Door" and "Staring at the Sea, the Singles"?If this isn't a masturbation song, I don't know what is."No more timing each tear that falls from my eyes I'm not hiding the remedy to cure this old heart of mine ...They go on to sing things like "This is temptation, power rotation.Give me the friction and watch me make it, make it up, making out, making it slide."My Response: I think this one qualifies under the category of the subtle double entendre.It goes something like "In the words of ..(some French psychologist)..

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From Deborah Lipp: In an interview I saw, Idol said the song was about the club scene in Japan.

They have mirrors set up on the walls, and kids go in and dance with their mirror image instead of with another human being; it's about isolation and dehumanization. I gotta muscle I can flex and some funky little specs if you think your going blind!