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23-Jun-2019 03:17

South Asian men are increasingly becoming more in touch with reality, with an understanding of equality and fairness, but unfortunately, it’s not in the majority.

by Caroline Phinney There are three pieces of the New Year's Experience that matter a little more than the rest: Where you're going to drink, what you're going to drink to get ~drunk~ and who you're going to sloppy kiss on the dance floor when the clock strikes .

And that’s all a woman can aspire to do – to land a rich good husband and family.

This outdated view of colourism is of course only applied to women.

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Many young Asian men I have come into contact with, claim they are feminists and love and respect women: yet objectify and oversexualise every white blonde colleague, believe every South Asian woman is secretly infatuated with them and believe their way of working is better than their managers. It sees itself as the greatest culture in the world, yet treats women as second class citizens. But what is the problem is teaching them through everyday gestures and social norms that they are superior to females – in all aspects.

This tends to be the most common pattern for South Asian degree educated British young women, even in the UK.

Then again, I'm also occasionally a Crazy Bitch myself.