Spiritual metaphysical dating

23-Aug-2019 07:21

According to the Jinasena's Mahapurana, the heavenly beings arrived to perform his funeral rites; in others he is described, at age 72, to be giving his final preaching over six days to a large crowd of people.

Everyone falls asleep, only to awaken to find that he has disappeared, leaving only his nails and hair, which his followers cremate.

These texts were transmitted through oral tradition by Jain monks, but are believed to have been largely lost by about the 1stcentury when they were first written down.

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According to Paul Dundas, a professor of Sanskrit known for his publications on Jainism, the earliest layer of Jain literature such as the Acaranga Sutra mentions neither Vardhamana nor Mahavira, nor any equivalent of "fordmaker".This site is believed by tradition to be near Vaishali, a great ancient town in the Gangetic plains.

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