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Sparse columns are columns that are optimized for the case when many rows will have NULL for a value for that column.Column sets are special untyped XML columns that represent all the populated sparse columns in a row as XML.We don't know if the data has changed on the source, so to minimize updating every record I have added a conditional split that compares each column to see if any data is different. If it is, then we will do the update and if not we will not update the record. In that case, you might want to edit them manually or use the Suggest Types option to have the package analyze the data and set data types and column widths.

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Connect the green arrow from the Flat File Source icon to the Script Component icon.

Their primary advantage is implied by their name: A wide table can have 30,000 columns, as opposed to the 1,024 columns you can have in a non-wide table.

A wide table is defined as a table that has sparse columns and a column set defined.

I need to get NULL records from the right and left tables where the custid does not match and this will determine if we need to perform a delete or insert operation. I suggest you find the method that works best for your business needs.

As mentioned above the UPDATE (cust ID Match) condition, it returns the data where cust ID matches.

Check that your input columns' data types are appropriate for each column and that the Output Column Width values are large enough to accommodate the data.

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