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I felt really comfortable with Brad and started to open up to him. I get to a certain stage of the process, and that’s the end – always from his part, not from mine. You have recognized a repetitive pattern of non-success.

Is there something wrong with the men I am dating, or is there something wrong with me? Your dating never moves beyond the initial "getting to know you" stage. Something you said about your relationship with Brad may provide a clue. During the first few dates, the conversations are an opportunity to find out about each other’s backgrounds, aspirations, lifestyles and personalities.

We don’t know someone intimately until we get a flavor of the ghosts of seasons past we will be dealing with from time to time.

I say this no matter how great is the chemistry and/or level of comfort between the two of you.

The faster we move the shorter they tend to be as human beings never measure up to our fantasies of them. The marathon doesn’t really begin until after the first half of the race is over and I contend that most relating doesn’t begin until the flames of infatuation cease to burn in an out of control fashion.

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Anyone who sees a recurring pattern in unsuccessful dating should take the time to analyze the pattern and the possible reasons behind it.

Not severe depression, but I have just been dumped for the umpteenth time.