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30-Jun-2019 05:33

How do you feel now about the concept of separating the game from life in terms of one’s actions? I guess, really, I wanted to glorify God and get his name out there and try to encourage anyone I could.

I felt like I had been given a platform and I wanted to use it just the best way that I could. Would you have been able to lie and backstab and tell people they were going to the end with you even if they weren’t, like Rob did? Obviously he’s got a little bit of an advantage and quite the skill set for sure. I just wasn’t being overly nice to her and she came out and started saying I was giving her evil eyes and started attacking me and that’s where things kinda went south.

Subsequent relationships have been mixed at best, from the partner who got mad when I froze during sex, to the dates when I could barely squeak out what my job title is because I was so petrified.I’m still trying to process this and it’s been a few years since he told me this. The mention of any product, service, company, therapy or physician practice on does not constitute an endorsement of any kind by ASCO.