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Ahem...speaking of music, I have several new songs at if you're interested. regulars were organist Cherry Wainer and drummer Don Storer.

Click the 'Links' button in the FAJHS home page to find it. In the late 1950s, the two were regular performers on the British TV series Oh Boy.

Who else remembers listening to the radio serials on AFN, mostly on Sunday nights after the TV stopped broadcasting?

I grew up listening to The Shadow, Our Miss Brooks, and many many other shows from way back.

I remember the German Nationals being surprised when the Drummer of the Searchers mentioned the Isley Brothers first did "Poison Ivy" as they started the song. Although Storyville did not have the top acts, they did bring in some english bands as well as American Touring bands (anybody ever hear of the Kentuckians? The Teen Club used to have a house band (Germans) in 64 and 65 that used to really rock as well.- Skip ---1965 1968 Played lots of gigs in clubs, schools and town-halls in and around Frankfurt, recorded 2 more singles with The King-Beats, and 2 pseudo-Live albums under the name The Ad-Libs, which were called Beat Party in Stereo Vol.! Recorde 32 songs within 2 afternoons at the Walldorf Studios, added applause from a gig, and that was it. Die Sendezeit war in den sechziger Jahren hufig Dienstags oder Freitags, um 20.15 Uhr direkt nach der Tagesschau.

Also recorded under the name The Strangers, Ray Textor and The Strangers and Malepartus II...we could ever get hold of Jack Tossman, he has tapes of just about every Teen-Thirty program that we ever produced in high school on reel-to-reel at his house in California. The blond girl, center left with her hair flying is probably Linda Reese. Hufig wurden auch bereits ausgestrahlte Folgen im gleichen Jahr wiederholt.

Bei einigen Folgen moderierte auch der damals sehr populre Radio-DJ Mal Sondock die Sendung. Badurina) -jzody Hey, if you're really digging all this Beat, Beat, Beat stuff, be sure to pick up "Clapton" - it's his autobiography and he chats about growing up and all the bands he was in..interesting and nostalgic since we were all very close to his era...funny how he talks about bar hopping with Jimi and jamming with the the local bands in London...there's also a double CD (extra) that contains songs from all his past groups to present. Next show was taped in Wiesbaden; after which, the remaining were filmed at, I believe, the Stadthalle in Offenbach. zody You may be referring the Beat Beat Beat Episode Number: 4 Season Num: 1 First Aired: May 6, 1966 --Sten & Stanley - "Girl, Those Where The Good Old Days" (or "Good Old Days, Girl") --Sten & Stanley - "Nur der Silbermond" --Tawney Reed (or Tanny Reed) - "Needle In A Haystack" (playback) --Sten & Stanley - "Wiggy Woggy" (or "Rock 'n' Roll") --Tawney Reed (or Tanny Reed) - "I've Got A Feeling" (playback) --Freddie & The Dreamers - "Run For Your Life" --Freddie & The Dreamers - "You Were Made For Me" --Pete Lancaster - "Baby Baby Baby" (another source listed the song as "You Got to Love Me") --Freddie & The Dreamers - "I'm Telling You Now" --Freddie & The Dreamers - "If You've Got A Minute, Baby" --Pete Lancaster - "Stupidity" --The Searchers - "Love Potion No.

Will always remember Paper Sunn playing "White Room" in the Eagles Nest. Two more taped at the High School also shown on Hessiche Rundfunk Oct. 9" (live) --The Searchers - "Sweets For My Sweet" (live) --The Searchers - "C. Rider" (live) --The Searchers - "Jenny Take A Ride" (live) Hey Bruce: This one is not on the list below: Freddie and the Dreamers performed at the Terrace Club on Beat, Beat, Beat the summer of '68. Wish I'd known about the other groups performances.

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Dig those mod fashions -- high collars, long sideburns, Beatle haircuts, and the lead singers shoes?!? I remember standing right at the stage looking at his pointed patent-leather boots and thinking they were so cool..much for taste at 16.Next came the Juniors, who were a little looser and the isles had more than the first assembly; next the class of '68 filled the aisles to capacity.

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