Taylor lautner and jackson rathbone dating

07-Jun-2019 09:38

Rathbone: Well, most vampire movies are all about the gore and the action and the violence. It's about what moves us as humans, and what is so moving to us that it is even encompassed beyond humanity.

These are creatures — they're not people, they're not humans, they're kind of the decrepit side of everything. They can't feel cold, they can't feel anything, but they can feel emotions and what those emotions lead us to do.

What can we expect to see from the work that Robert and Kristen have been doing? Bella knows what she's getting into, and Edward knows what he's putting her through.

Rathbone: Edward and Bella have the greatest sadistic, masochistic relationship there probably is, because Edward is putting himself through hell by being around her; all he wants to do is eat her. So, you get these great characters who are so concerned about each other that they're not concerned about themselves.

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Rathbone: It's a love that is bred out of interest, almost. What Rob and Kristen have brought to these parts is this amazing lifelike [quality]; it's never fake. There's this weight behind them, and you can see it the moment they call action. There's a danger in having that ability, because if you're constantly manipulating emotions around you, there's no reality around you.(Speaking of super-fans, in the MTV Movies blog, Rathbone addresses the one issue that caused an uproar among Twilighters when he was first cast.) Read on, watch the attached video and judge for yourself if a star is being born. Jackson Rathbone: Well, I play Jasper Hale, also called Jasper Whitlock, or Jasper Cullen; I've got a lot of names.[Laughs.] Jasper's from the Civil War [era], and that's when he became a vampire.MTV: Why, after all these decades of storytelling, do we still care about vampires? We're searching for something beyond ourselves, and we find it in a lot of folklore, and a lot of these old stories that get tossed around about living forever and always being beautiful and young.

Rathbone: Well, I think everybody wants to be a vampire. That's the allure of the vampire: You don't age, you don't have to worry about getting old, or never accomplishing something.You can choose morality, or you can choose the life that nature has provided for you, which is death. MTV: Yeah, but is there more to it than just being able to live in a horror movie?

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