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One night, we went to a party with guys my roomies knew from high school.

I hit it off with one of their friends and brought him back to our place while the guys were still at the party.

"My boyfriend's apartment overlooks a park and main road, and we often sit on the fire escape.

One night, we were out there and started getting frisky.

The men sitting next to us were ogling her and not paying any attention to me.

When she went to the bathroom, I turned to the guys and told them that she dressed like that because pretty soon, her pregnancy would start to show, and her body would never be the same.

I still worry that some neighbor will recognize me." —Akiko, 20 "My best friend and I are very competitive with each other, especially when it comes to guys.

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I didn't know it, but I had gone into his roommate's bedroom accidentally. As soon as he realized what had happened, he and his roommate started cracking up." —Caitlyn, 26"I live with three guys, and as the only girl, they tease me a lot.

Quickly, I learned that all of the things that I want aren’t wrong and they are normal, but is it necessary? Our past is just a story that has no hold on us, but power towards others that inspire and encourage.

Now I know that I needed to hear those harsh, yet meaningful words. but he saw through my complacency and the lack of change in my life. Talking could be the first step of your journey of moving forward.

I held my thumb inside my mouth and managed to say my name. After he was done with me, he left me alone bleeding on the mattress with my hands tied above my head using my own nightgown. I’ve spent months after months barging into his office crying about the same things; and I sat in his office that day tapping my foot anxiously and telling him about how utterly angry I was and how broken I felt, and my awful memories were all that I could think about… I don’t remember if my jaw dropped, but maybe it should have. Lastly, I don’t want to end this by just giving a glimmer of hope.

After a long list of questions on who I was, what I liked, and my age, I was instructed to take off my nightgown. For the next few days, I would not be able to walk and I would be in and out of consciousness. Someone I look up to, who inspires me, who has helped me and loved me through everything had just told me to get over my pain. I have realized you can come from a broken mess and still be so full of hope… If you are stuck in an abusive situation, it’s time to look for help. For fourteen years I was lost, alone, and constantly terrified for my life and you don’t deserve to live that way tomorrow and the rest of the years to come. but it is more than just letting go – it is also moving forward.