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06-Aug-2019 09:57

Yet "[o]ne of the chief problems with this argument is that it acts as if the only problem with teen sex is that it might be 'unsafe,'" he continued."It is an argument entirely unconcerned with the moral or spiritual formation of minor children.

And in fact it seems to presuppose and perhaps even to encourage sexual promiscuity among children," he added.

Everett Koop who argued that it was simply too dangerous to practice, even when condoms are used.

But Koop's statement was removed in 2009 for purely political reasons even as the facts have not changed, she said."Decent people don't like to talk about sex in public. She routinely speaks about ravages of the sexual revolution and equips people on how to minister to its victims.

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Pastor Kenneth Butler of Kingdom Encounter Family Worship Center in Toledo, Ohio, was arrested last week and slapped with federal sex trafficking charges, joining two other well-known area pastors behind bars. Jenkins founded and was pastor of Abundant Life Ministries while Haynes led the Greater Life Christian Center, according to the Toledo Blade.

The popular fashion magazine published an article on June 7 titled "Anal Sex: What You Need To Know," which billed itself as a "just the facts" sex health education piece.

Much controversy has since erupted as some believe Teen Vogue crossed a legal line of peddling obscenity to minors as others urge parents to teach their children what the Bible says about sexuality."As parents and grandparents, regardless of one's faith, we shouldn't stand by and let this kind of trash be pawned off on our children," wrote evangelist Franklin Graham on his Facebook page Thursday."Other recent articles are just as bad.

"She was a student's aide and she met this particular victim on the bus," Palm Bay Police Lt. "She rode the bus back and forth..that's where they met." Detectives began investigating Chasky last month after the male student’s mother found sexual text messages and images on his cellphone sent back and forth with the teacher, police said.

The boy’s mother, however, said she suspected an inappropriate relationship as early as May.

The backlash against Teen Vogue continues to grow as its editors defend their decision to feature an anal sex instruction guide for young teens in its June issue.