Tekia accommodating intraocular lens

03-Mar-2019 06:18

Corrected distant visual acuity (CDVA), uncorrected and distance corrected near visual acuities (UCNVA and DCNVA), near point of accommodation (NPA), spectacle freedom and patient satisfaction were assessed six months postoperatively and compared between the three groups.

After 6 months, all patients showed significant improvement in CDVA with no significant difference among the study groups.

The study included 62 eyes of 58 patients divided into three groups using three different IOLs: Crystalens HD (Bausch and Lomb, NY, USA), Tek-Clear (Tekia, CA, USA) and SA60AT (Alcon, TX, USA) were implanted in 23, 14 and 25 eyes, respectively.

A number of studies have shown better visual and accommodative results with this lens as compared to standard monofocal IOLs.[]Tekia Tek-Clear is another single optic accommodating hydrophilic acrylic IOL with symmetric optic design, ultraviolet blocker and square edge design which has been approved for treatment of presbyopia by the European Commission since 2006.

Near focus is achieved by anterior movement of the optic by ciliary muscle contraction during accommodative effort.[]In the current study, we assessed the visual outcomes and amplitude of accommodation with these two types of monofocal accommodating IOLs, and compared them with a closely age-matched group of patients who received standard monofocal IOLs.

The areas of interest (near and intermediate) were analyzed using the appropriate levels of defocus.

A questionnaire was answered by patients to determine patient satisfaction, subjective vision quality, and occurrence of visual disturbances.It could be something as simple as a run away script or learning how to better use E-utilities, for more efficient work such that your work does not impact the ability of other researchers to also use our site.