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02-Mar-2019 13:52

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50 Facts About Domestic Violence ~~~~ These are only some of the reasons why we should #Pass VAWA2012.Globally and domestically, violence against women is pandemic.And it primarily happens in the context of the home.Women are the overwhelming targets of intimate partner and domestic violence. The women suffer long term social, emotional, physical and economic trauma.Like her, most women who face these situations are either criminalized or pathologized.Men, on the other hand, face other issues related to gendered expectations about violence that they, too, pay for in our justice system.Huffington Post - 11/30/2012 Sunday was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and the launch of this year's 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence.In the time it takes me to write this paragraph, 26 people -- given our statistics probably all women -- will be assaulted by an intimate partner in the U. In the roughly 48 hours between my writing and posting, at least six women in the US and hundreds if not thousands around the world will be killed by violent spouses.

Despite real declines, rates of domestic violence, battery, stalking and rape in this country remain unconscionably high.

The reductions in home-based violence that we have seen in the past two decades are due to increased awareness and the passage of VAWA in 1994.

Our failure to pass a robust VAWA puts these life-altering gains are at risk.

I often hear something along these lines: if only these women would just LEAVE their abusers. Besides, why should we worry, as some point out in disgust, "Western women, with few exceptions, are safe and free," these facts are "myths" and those loopy feminists and bleeding heart liberals exaggerate so that they can ruin men's lives and drive them to American Male Emasculation Hell (otherwise know as FOX).

Well, women do leave and some do seek to protect themselves.

Or, the fact that women who defend themselves against domestic violence are often imprisoned, with lengthy sentences, because self-defense laws and penalties have historically been based on stranger assaults -- between people assumed to be relatively proportionally physically similar -- which are overwhelmingly experienced by men.