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LARRY When we return, our live Skycam traffic update and more on David Beckham's hundred thousand dollar tattoo.

'THE UGLY TRUTH' - Numbered Script - 2/14/2008 6 6 CONTINUED: ABBY It's just a matter of staring the chaos in the eye and showing it who's boss. She pats him on the back and heads out of the control room.

STUART The guy with the cable access show on Channel 83 does better. She holds up her clipboard, which has the guy's E-Harmony PROFILE and PHOTO. 'THE UGLY TRUTH' - Numbered Script - 2/14/2008 8 CONTINUED: 8 JOY (CONT'D) (cont'd) Look at this bone structure.

JOY You've already rescheduled on this guy three times. He's read more than a dozen books, he has a 401K and he's cute.

KPHX - WAITING AREA - MORNING - CONTINUOUS 3 Several portly LATINO MEN look up and wave at Abby.

'THE UGLY TRUTH' - Numbered Script - 2/14/2008 3 CONTINUED: 3 ABBY What's with the pot bellies?

ABBY (re the paper) Was there anything else you changed your mind about?

She looks disappointed, then pulls out a piece of paper.

A newsman isn't defined by the easy times, Larry, he's defined by the difficult ones. 'THE UGLY TRUTH' - Numbered Script - 2/14/2008 3 CONTINUED: (2) 3 LARRY (re his balls) I've only thought of them as blue as of late, but you're right. Larry's wife and co-anchor, GEORGIA, 40 and coiffed to the gills, storms in, followed by the show's GUEST CHEF. (with pride) I like to think of them as aesthetically pleasing -- Abby steps away, not wanting to ponder Larry's balls anymore than she has to. Larry nods, appeased, as she reaches the door marked ABBY RICHTER, PRODUCER, "ALBUQUERQUE A. DORI Josh, nobody in Sacramento gives a * crap about trees in Alaska! JOSH Oh, but full coverage on David Beckham's new tattoo is vital?! Georgia and Larry taste samples of what he's prepared.

Abby calmly pulls out a whistle, puts it to her mouth and BLOWS. KPHX - "SACRAMENTO AM" SET - MORNING 5* Cameras roll as the chef happily cooks away on the set.

KPHX - STUART'S OFFICE - DAY 7 Abby talks to STUART WARDLOW, 60's, KPHX's curmudgeonly general manager. We got beat by all the network shows, plus a rerun of "Who's the Boss". STUART I'm not, but I can guarantee you that's what the new management's thinking. You're good at what you do, but you've got to get me some numbers. KPHX - WOMEN'S BATHROOM - DAY 8* Abby and Joy stand at the sinks. * ABBY (cont'd) * I should cancel my date tonight and * make a list of ideas for sweeps.

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