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Concentrate on driving, and let the rest do the shooting.

Drive alongside the Ballas and Smoke, Sweet and Ryder will automatically lean out of the car and shoot. If it runs out, the car will blow up and the mission is failed. Once all of the Ballas are wasted, a new blip will appear on your radar.

Locate the dealer, who is witnessed selling goods to one of your homies. Now the Ballas know that Grove Street are back on their feet -- mission complete. But screw that for now, it's time to eat something.

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There are a group of Ballas standing at the corner of the street.

Drive to Emmet's with Smoke, and stop in the red marker. At first he thinks you are Brian Johnson, although he knows fine well that Brian was killed 5 years ago. CJ and Smoke aren't impresed when they see what Emmet has to offer, but it will do for now. Watch Smoke blast a few bottles, and repeat his actions.

The first level involves shooting whilst standing, and the second involves shooting whilst crouching.

Drive your homies to the Cluckin' Bell Drive-Thru in Willowfield. Ryder explains that they were going for Sweet and that they accidently killed moms.

He also explains that some people saw a green sabre doing the work, and then speeding off.After all the bottles have been eliminated, use manual aim to shoot the gas tank on Emmet's car. Learn more about the weapons in San Andreas here.*Sweet calls you on your cellphone.