Turkey dating customs

04-Jun-2019 09:08

- Retailers that qualify for tax refunds must be "authorized for refund." These retailers must display a permit received from their respective tax office.

- The retailer will make four copies of the receipt for your refund, three of which will be received by the purchaser.

- For the purchaser to benefit from this exemption he must leave the country within three months with the goods purchased showing them to Turkish customs officials along with the appropriate receipts and! - There are four ways to receive your refund: - If the retailer gives you a check it can be cashed at a bank in the customs area at the airport.

If it is not possible to cash the check upon departure or if you do not wish to cash it then, the customer must, within one month, send a copy of the receipt showing that the goods have left the country to the retailer who will, within ten days upon receiving the receipt, send a bank transfer to the purchaser's hank or address.

And ask for "Menşe Belgesi" (certificate of origin).

- Retailers may directly refund the amount to trustworthy customers upon purchase - The refund may be made by the organization of those companies that are authorized to make tax refunds.

The owner should apply to the customs authority with his passport and report.

If the vehicle can be repaired, it is necessary to inform the customs authority first and take the vehicle to a garage.

- 1(100 cc) or 2 (70 or 75 cc) bottles of wines and/or spirits. In addition, gifts not exceeding 500 OM in value may be posted to Turkey duty free, if the date stamped by the sending post office falls one month before, or one month after the following holidays: Şeker Bayramı, Kurban Bayramı, Christmas, and New Year's.

- Gifts, not exceeding 500 DM in value and not for trading purposes, may be brought into the country duty free.If it is somebody else's vehicle a power of attorney should be provided. : The vehicle can be brought into Turkey for up to 6 Months.