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There's something about working at a gas station that makes you realize how much of a money pit cars are.Plus the last thing we'd want is our dad to get behind the wheel. The owner of the gas station is an old army buddy of our dad's. I dropped out of high school when I was sixteen, the moment I was allowed to do it.We share everything with each other, there's no way he would keep that from me.Rog is a quiet guy anyway, so sometimes it's hard to tell if he's keeping something secret or if he just has nothing to say.I want to see what he's doing before he notices me. When he emerges from behind the cardboard column, he's pushing a full length mirror. I look at myself in the mirror and then back at the dress. That's when I remember I only have my pjs on; just a pair of panties and a top with no bra. It's like we're sharing a secret but I'm only pretending I know what it is. He whispers in my ear, "You look just like her." I spin around and put my hands on his shoulders, his gliding down to my sides. For the first time in my life I feel safe even though I never knew I felt unsafe before this. I lean into it, wanting to feel it on my skin even though we're separated by clothing. We're not the hugging type nor do we kiss each other hello or goodbye. It was just my body reacting to being touched is all. My hips thrust up in protest, wanting the attention my thighs are getting.When I get to the top, I peek my head just through the opening. He just boxed it up and put it up here," he says, his nerves starting to calm. I finally snap back to my senses and turn toward the mannequin. He pulls me in tight and I can feel the warmth of his body on mine. These eyes are the same ones I've looked into my entire life but for the first time they're giving me a warm feeling all throughout my body. He looks like he's fighting something and I don't know which side will win. He takes a deep breath in and suddenly I'm broken from the trance. When I get to the bottom I quickly walk back into the house and past my dad sitting in the living room. He knows the situation we're in so he's happy to give us the work. I was failing anyway on an account of always having to leave school to fetch my dad from wherever he stumbled off to.

Funny thing is we don't even have a car, we ride our bikes to work.

A couple of them seem to be open, or at least have been opened and closed again. He jumps and is on his feet before I even finish calling his name. I walk up to the mannequin and run my fingers along the dress. I have a vague memory of her wearing this dress at some point in my life, or maybe I'm just making it up. I thought you might think it was weird or something." "It is weird.

The smell of must wafts off the soft material the more I disturb it. "It's mom's." It takes me a moment to register but then I look past him at the open boxes. I was five when she left, so there's no way I can remember specific clothes she wore, but I swear, looking at this mannequin I remember this dress. Doesn't mean I don't want to do it too." We're probably the only two people in the world who think about the woman who used to wear this dress.

For others it can be that person who lives with you but has no relation. She was wearing a brown cardigan and had large dark sunglasses.

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For most people it's fairly simple; a mom, a dad, and maybe some siblings. I'm the youngest, having just turned nineteen two months ago. I don't remember much about her, only this lasting image on the day she left.The last thing we needed was for child services to come and take me away. Probably not the best decision of my life in retrospect, but what decision is? Then we'll see how smart you are." I decide to let it go. He'll drink himself into oblivion all day watching those stupid machines make left turns. I then slide the white and pink panties down and flip it back with my foot. His eyes don't meet mine as they're fixated on my body.