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Set in Chicago, the series revolves around six friends who participate in a fantasy football league.

The show follows the friends, who would do anything to win, while also dealing with a variety of situations that occur in their everyday lives.

In Day of the Dead, the zombie plague has reached its peak.

The cities are deserted and the zombies are withering because there are no people left to eat.

He is strained by fear and exhaustion, but also weak and resentful of others when they accentuate this character flaw.

He unleashes an army of dead upon his lover, who wanted only to help him, and upon the military with whom he could not fit in.

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Therefore, if you suspected that your partner had been in close contact with a third party, and you wanted to test a piece of your partner’s clothing to look for traces of that third party’s ; your partner (and that third party) would have to sign a consent form.

Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song are reportedly dating! News can confirm that parkgoers saw Culkin and Song attending Instagram's Knott's Scary Farm celebrity night this past Friday.

A source tells us that the duo was seen being "affectionate," holding hands and on a double date with Seth Green and his wife Clare Grant.

The Sacko is the name of the trophy given to the loser of the Sacko Bowl as a booby prize.

The 'winner' of the Sacko is also required to do a Sacko Punishment.

- * Due to Ruxin discovering the league colluded to keep him from getting the top draft pick and because he won the Sacko, Kevin was stripped of his championship and the 2011 season of The League was declared null and void, to be sent off by a Norse funeral.