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Enter the passkey in the field provided (Note: there is a limited amounted of time for this step — if necessary, click “Go back” on the Mac and try again). Now it is time to configure the Bluetooth connection.

Upon successful entry of the passkey, a “Pairing Complete” message appears briefly, and a confirmation prompt appears asking if you would like to “Accept connection request from mac? First, select “Don’t ask this again” and then click the “Yes” button. On your Mac, the “Devices” subpanel ( tab) should display the Black Berry 8300 on the Bluetooth device list [ Screenshot ].

Note that using your Black Berry as a wireless modem for your Mac (or any computer) is classified as tethering, and may or may not be covered by your wireless plan Okay, now to pair the Black Berry and Mac via Bluetooth.

Crack open your Black Berry, go to “Manage Connections”, and enable Bluetooth via checkmark (the icon should then show a yellow minus icon).

For Cingular/At&T subscribers: According to the customer service department, unless your plan specifically supports tethering, tethered connections will only work until the system catches on and blacklists your device (only as a tethered modem).

Also, the representative assured me that pre-blacklist connections would not be billed.

Select the Black Berry 8300 from the list and click on “Configure” to open the configuration dialogue (Note: the Device Configuration dialogue may have opened automatically after the device pairing process).

Next, in the “Select the services you want to use with your mobile phone” screen, select “Access the Internet with your phone’s data connection” and also select “Use a direct, higher speed connection to reach your Internet Service Provider (GPRS, 1x RTT)” [ Screenshot ]. Then, in the Username/Password screen, leave the username and password fields blank, and enter String.

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Next is the “Searching” screen, which eventually (it may take a few moments) should indicate your Black Berry device as a mobile phone.On December 3, 2010, Research in Motion announced that daily downloads were two million apps per day.