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In order to maintain this sort of unlock you must always keep the card between your SIM card and SIM card tray How To Unlock Blackberry: Unlock Instructions [How to] for Latest ANDROID Blackberry Models like: Black Berry DTEK50 , Black Berry Priv etc. (Make sure you press the Enter Key within 5 second or you have to enter the unlock code again).

1) Insert an unaccepted SIM card – (One that's not from the network your phone is locked to) and Turn the phone on2) Your Phone will ask for the Sim Network Unlock PIN (Unlock Code)3) Enter your Blackberry unlock code. Model: 8700, 8700c, 8700g, 8700r Before you start, you MUST have a Sim Card & turn OFF ALL wireless radios 1.

You will be prompted to enter an unlock code (aka MEP2 Code). Just use the MEP2 (Either 16 Digits or 8 digits as stated) QUICK NOTE (Canada PHONES ONLY): If you order a Canadian Locked Blackberry Provider. Some phones requires MEP2 (Network Unlock) while some require MEP4 (Service Provider).

This is normally what is is used but you can check yourself to make sure here: This is normally what is is used but you can check yourself to make sure here: Bell Mobility: Requires MEP4 Code Fido/Rogers: Requires MEP2 Code Koodo: Requires MEP4 Code Mobilicity: Requires MEP2 Code Telus: Requires MEP4 Code Videotron: Requires MEP2 Code Virgin: Requires MEP2 Code Wind: Requires MEP2 Code Black Berry OS 6 Instructions (i.e. NOTE: You must use the "alt" key to enable numbers, example: enter MEP hold "ALT key" and enter 2. Scroll to Advanced Options and press the trackball.

Actually it is impossible to Enter an "Unlock Code" on the Apple i Phone since they don't require or ask for unlock codes, the process is done via the Apple server. Menu Mobile Network Options and make sure it GSM/UMTS.

We request the unlock through the carrier to APPLE.

To turn on Find My i Phone on your device: Go to Settings. Pleasure ensure you are checking to see if Find My Phone is turned off before purchasing. Example: If you have a Verizon phone, you need to insert a T-Mobile Sim Card inside the phone before turn it on. Make sure that the "Angled" corner of the SIM card is lined up correctly with the "ANGLED" corner of the Chip as shown below: Once your chip is correctly installed, please reboot your i Phone.