Updating firmware on kodak camera

27-Apr-2019 05:20

If you’ve shared the same love of Sony cameras as I have in the past, and you own one of these cameras, help us reach out to Sony directly by calling Sony at: Please reference this article at: lonelyspeck.com/stareater Sony introduced the problem with firmware. If enough of us call, maybe we can get them to issue a fix.

I have already started reaching out to Sony directly as well as writing to several of my contacts close to Sony to see if we can get some action.

I have confirmed the issue myself and it has been discussed and analyzed many times on other places around the online photography community, particularly on the DPReview forums, Cloudy Nights, Jim Kasson’s Last Word, and more recently on Sony Alpha Rumors.

Bad spatial filtering isn’t new to Sony’s Alpha cameras.

Personally, learning of this change (and verifying the issue for myself) has led me to question my desire for future Sony camera bodies (it is now confirmed that the new Sony a9 and a7RIII are also affected).

It has certainly made me very skeptical of future firmware updates from Sony.

Mostly, I hate the thought of having recommended a camera to so many people only to learn that something has changed that would have me question my original recommendation. The a7SII in particular is affected very greatly by this issue because of its lower resolution sensor.

It was a camera that launched with praise about its low light capability and now I highly discourage you use an a7SII for astrophotography.

Sony a7RII, a7SII and a7RIII cameras with the latest firmware exhibit this problem for all exposure times longer than 3.2″.The problem has been dubbed “Star Eater” by others in the astro community.The issue also affected, from day one, the original line of a7 cameras when used in Bulb mode and the problem persists through out Sony’s latest line of cameras including the a9 and a7RIII.(Most of my exposures are made between 5 and 20 seconds.) Now, with the latest firmware updates on the a7RII and a7SII, what was once a problem that only affected the niche case of Bulb exposures now affects all reasonable untracked astrophotography exposure times (4 seconds and up). I’ll admit that it is a problem that requires a fair bit of pixel peeping.

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Fellow landscape astrophotographer Michael Frye has made a great analysis of what you can expect from the a7RII.If you have contacts at Sony, any help reaching out to them would be greatly appreciated by me and many others.

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