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28-May-2019 13:38

The Magellan Maestro is a line of GPS devices that features one-touch navigational menus, 3D landmarks, Bluetooth, live traffic news and FM radio transmission compatibility.

If you own a Magellan Maestro, you will want to keep the device updated in order to ensure you have the latest software and maps. You will need to choose the particular model of the Maestro that you own in order to continue.

Seems like the newest maps for Magellan Maestro 31/2009 versions. On the Magellan site, the newest maps for the Maestro 3100 are listed as 2008/2009 updates. While googling around, I saw several references to converting existing map data to the magellan format (ie: garmin - magellan) While I'm no pro, I think not offering map updates is cruel to your customer (are you listening magellan) My brother has the Maestro 3100 - Its worked fine for him, and he has no requirements or special needs to force him to upgrade or change hardware.

Is it possible to convert the 2011 garmin map file to be used on a Magellen Maestro 3100??????? He recently was travelling on a new highway that was NOT part of his aging maps (2007 I think), and was going to buy a map upgrade.

I have tried multiple times trying to talk about a issue unable to get a manager or supervisor!

the only contact I can find is 1-866-339-0488 all together have 7hrs tied up just to get a question answered?

Original POI DATA file in Magellan called "US48_POI. With these products good support is vital Any customer service in this company?

Download the Content Manager Toolbox under the "Updates" tab on the Magellan web site under the "Support" menu.

I can't understand trying to get some info is so hard with a company this size! Pair it up with your cellphone and you can dial the phone numbers listed with the POIs with one touch.

AAA members can add a FREE 2nd year of warranty coverage and get a free AAA database update (although I'm not holding my breath until Magellan makes that available.) The 3140 isn't perfect, but it's more than adequate.

Alors, pour les radars fixes, j'ai envoyé un mail au support technique de Magellan et je leur ai demandé qu'ils m'envoient le fichier des radars approprié. Epargnez-nous ces commentaires navrants de grâce !! Il faut, lire TOUT ce qui est marqué dans un post (et aussi TOUT le forum)!!!

Ils me l'ont joint à un mail au bout de 2 semaines, et ca a marché nikel! bonjour lisou pouvez vous m'envoyez le fichier de mises a jour des radar pour le gps magellan maestro 3100 j'ai fait comme vous je leur ai envoyé un message via internet il y a plus de un mois et pas de reponse de la part de magellan. déjà, si vous aviez fait ca, vous auriez vu que j'indique la démarche à suivre un peut plus haut...

Si monsieur est frustré de ne pas avoir de réponse, et bien il passe son chemin et il va voir ailleurs et puis c'est tout!

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