Updating panasonic sa bt200 player

21-Aug-2019 15:14

Yet when I plug my Directv cable into the HDMI input it works fine.

At one point the picture did come on, but then it went off.

I just think designing a spec that doesn't require ALL devices to handle ALL the same protocols is ridiculous & stupid to put a finer point on it.

Denon AVR-887 Klipsch RP-5 Pwred Towers (mains) (525 watts peak each 12"Subs) All Klipsch RC-25(ctr),(2)SS1(surr),(2)SS1(rear Surr) Toshiba (2)HD-A20, PS3, BD35 For SACD/DVD-A Samsung HD-841 Panny 50pz80u plasma Did you try calling Panasonic AND Westinghouse support?

So I went home and made an update disc, and followed the instructions here the letter. Went back, following the instructions on that page, I tried to update it.

It re started, like it said it would, and then I got the message on the display showing the firmware was loading, and it was supposed to go to the "W***", meaning that it was writing, but it went from the "L***" to "E Disc" after maybe 10 seconds, and ejected the disc and shut down. I tried several times, and even made another disc, this time using Img Burn, just for fun....thing.

Make sure you are running the HDMI cable directly to the display from the player to leave out something like a receiver as the issue.

Since there are many different protocols for HDCP handshaking, and the stupid HDMI spec doesn't require ALL devices to handle ALL protocols, this could be the issue so check for a possible update for the Westy display since you already got the update for the player.

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Nobody likes to hear this, but the reality is that consumer DVD and BD players are disposable and aren't designed to last.

I tried switching the cable from one input on the TV to another and it still didn't work.

Maybe THIS is why the BDP1500 worked with the Westy.

I think it is likely just that the Westy does not handle the same protocols for HDCP and the only way to resolve this is to call Panasonic to add them in a firmware update, or for Westy to add them for the display.

Except it won't come out – there is a one-time press fit clip that holds the board and its insulation shield to the chassis.

He tells me that the people that work at the video store said it might need a firmware upgrade to player the newer formats.