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DEFAULT Forces the Database Engine to insert the default value defined for a column.If a default does not exist for the column and the column allows null values, NULL is inserted. When specified in a table value constructor, DEFAULT is allowed only in an INSERT statement. The expression cannot contain an EXECUTE statement.for example i have a base column named birth_date and the derive column is age (where age is automatically computed based on the value entered in the birth_date).is there a way where in i can do this in the create table clause? Hi, I'm busy creating a database for store staff which will be managed by a web page written in PHP.Error 10738 is returned if the number of rows exceeds the maximum.To insert more rows than the limit allows, use one of the following methods: USE Adventure Works2012; GO CREATE TABLE dbo.This process of extracting the elements of a collection is called refers to a LOB object attribute, then you must first initialize it with a value of empty or null. Also, if you are updating a LOB value using some method other than a direct to set the column to the value previously specified as the default value for the column.

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For versions prior to 4.1, the only workaround is to create two timestamp columns in a table, and explicitly set the second one when inserting the record.My question is if I have the following columns in the table: Branch_Code, Name, Password, Position, Menu_Level I want to create templates for say Managers, Admin Managers, Front line Managers, Cashiers, Dispatch and Receiving etc and all these will have different Menu_levels, Auth_Levels and Stores.How will I go about using information from the templates to create a new user without overwriting the original template?My Products (Name varchar(50), List Price money); GO -- This statement fails because the third values list contains multiple columns in the subquery. My Products (Name, List Price) VALUES (' Helmet', 25.50), (' Wheel', 30.00), (SELECT Name, List Price FROM Production.

Product WHERE Product ID = 720); GO INSERT INTO dbo.What code do i write so that if i try to add another employee as a general manager, i get an error.