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For example, you could have a class called Prime Number Calculator, have a method called Calculate() to calculate the numbers, and have an event called Primes Calculated when the calculation was complete), and the work is always going to return a string as a result (just for example's sake, you can change this, or make it more general if you wish (return a generic This concept is very closely related to the Event Based Asynchronous pattern, and, thus, in many cases, you may be able to use built in classes that already implement that pattern (or perhaps sub class those classes, and add custom functionality).The class is a commonly used example of this pattern, of which is used to perform compute bound operations on a background thread.Or, you may just want to make your own class with domain specific events and classes, as it fits better with your scenario/program.Plus, it doesn't hurt to get an idea of how classes like the class, of which will actually do our work.This technique is still very worthwhile to know how to implement yourself though.For example, if you don't want to use the thread pool, you may want to create your own, dedicated class.Despite this, the general patterns still apply even if you do not use a separate class to encapsulate the work, although I would argue that it is a good idea to use a separate class for any meaningful operation.

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However, you then lose the benefit of having the 'fluffy', simple to use Task object to work with. Well, you can use the classes are for compute bound operations.

That is generally how all the event based asynchronous classes work (Web Client, Background Worker etc), and is a nice, clear pattern to use to produce well designed, asynchronous software.

class, and is the central part of a new API called the Task Parallel Library (TPL).

We can implement the above pattern in a similar way, without events (albeit using the same general concept of callbacks).

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However, Tasks provide a number of beneficial, easy to use features that stand it apart from to the caller.The aim of this tutorial is to provide insight into the tools available for separating asynchronous and multi threaded work from the UI.

Subsequent innovation or adoption of new formal tool types suggests that both strategies were important from the middle Holocene onwards.… continue reading »

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