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There are much smaller Hindu, Christian and Zoroastrian minority communities.

Pakistan is not a secular state; the state religion is Islam, and religion enters many aspects of Pakistani political and social life.

Many Muslims who chose to remain in India have close family members who moved to Pakistan and some Hindus remained behind in Pakistan, ensuring an intertwined destiny for the two countries.

After the death of Jinnah, Pakistan was ruled by a series of army chiefs under what were called martial law regimes.

As a result, many Pakistanis and others in British India converted to the religion of the new people.

When the struggle for independence from the British colonizers started in India at the beginning of the twentieth century, Hindus—followers of India's majority religion—and Muslims fought side by side for their freedom.

Finally, the British decided that they could no longer rule over India; they formally relinquished its Indian colony in 1947.

The Veterans Treatment Docket is designed to address the mental, emotional and substance abuse issues often resulting from the combat stresses of military service.

The actress was donning glares, a royal blue full-sleeved t-shirt, navy blue jeans and a chequered scarf.