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We left our home and started driving to Vinod’s home and I started dreaming about Harini and how I should treat her in my home and started coining the dialogues that I needs to say her.I also recalled her request to not advance to sex fast.

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As if they are waiting for us, immediately Vinod opened the door and Harini is also standing with him while he opened the door.

I couldn’t control me any further, I kept the glass on kitchen top and I don’t why/how I got the courage, without any hesitation and any thought, I just took my hands over her hip and just groped her hip hard.

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Initially, Igor did not like her imperious tone, but when washed her charms, and irritation passed gave way pleasure.… continue reading »

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After dinner at Shakey’s Pizza, we drove up to Missionary Ridge to a small park that overlooked downtown.… continue reading »

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